PopupDateField closing after selecting DAY behaviour


the default behaviour for PopupDateField results in closing it right after the DAY has been selected. So, if you have PopupDateField with resolution > DAY, and would need to set values for HOURS or MINUTES together with the DAY one, you wouldn’t be able to do it in a single attempt.

You would open PopupDateField once to set the DAY value, and then you would open it twice to set the rest values for HOURS and MINUTES, which looks quite annoying for the user.

Of course, the problem could be solved by simply editing the text fields of those PopupDateFields by hands, without opening the popups, but it cannot be satisfactory for a variety of cases.

Another solution could lie in creating a custom popup date field out of PopupView, InlineDateField and TextField.

Is there a simple regular way to avoid closing of PopupDateField after DAY selection, as it is a common situation, without the needs of creating a custom component?