Popup View

Does any body have an Popup View Example ?

I have following scenario: I push the “create” button and before the action starts I want to show a popup view with an OptionGroup. After the user has selected one of alternatives, the selected data (selected value of the Optiongroup) will be taken over into a Form.

I hope the desrcription is understandable.


Hi Eduard,

You can find examples from
Vaadin Sampler
. Look the section “Windows, Popups and Navigation”.

Moreover, I think that subwindow is suitable for your case.

I like PopupButton from the Directory.

You may also use
the CustomField add-on
if you want a button to be a field in a Form. (I’m not sure whether you could use the PopUpButton as a field in a Form). See the simple CustomField example in the link above, you just need to modify it little by adding the OptionGroup in the some pop-up window. Or you can combine the PopupButton add-on with the CustomField.

Popupbutton seems to be the ebst solution. But I get following error:

Sorry there are no examples for this. :cold:

PopupButton contains client-side code, which means that you have to define and compile a widgetset on your project. If you use Eclipse, the Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse provides an easy way to do it.

For more information, the a look at