popup button still open when i clicked

Hi ,

Im using popup button and opening popup window when click the items. But i still see popup button and window together. How can i solve this problem ?

It seems the problem is that the window is modal and it’s blocking the closing of the popup of the PopupButton. As a workaround you could close the PopupButton popup when you open the modal window by calling
setPopupVisible(false) for the PopupButton.

Hey henri ,

Yes, window is modaI. I used focus() for window when opening the window , setModal(false) for window, setPopupVisible(false) for PopupButton , setImmediate() etc but result is same.

I actually tested this and in my test application calling popupButton.setPopupVisible(false); in Button’s ClickListener closed the popup. Without that that result was exactly same as you have on the screenshot.

What do you mean with “I used focus() for window when opening the window”?