Pop-up menu within TreeTable

I’m looking for suggestions on how I might implement a pop-up menu within a TreeTable. What I would like to do is place a small icon in a column of the TreeTable and have a menu pop-up when the icon is left-clicked. The action handler for the icon would perform some work on the item in the row in which the icon was clicked.

My application in built on Vaadin 8.5.1.

I’ve tried a variety of things that almost work, but nothing satisfactory.

Using an ActionHandler works great, but only with a right-click. Same with the vaadin-context-menu (v2.1.0) addon. Is there an easy way to make either of these respond to left-clicks?

I also tried using a full MenuBar instead of the Panel-with-icon. That responds to left-clicks, but there’s a lot of extra decoration that comes with MenuBars that I don’t want. I could probably modify the style to get rid of most of that, but it seems like the wrong solution to me.

Is there another way to activate a pop-up menu via left-click I should be considering?