Pop-up date selection

Is it possible to make a Pop-up date selection, which enables user select date only from the calendar?


DateField doesn’t support such functionality, but maybe you could utilize InlineDateField and PopupView for example.

Not sure what you exactly wanted, but if you meant that you want to select only date and not time, use [tt]

PopupDateField df = new PopupDateField("Select Date");

See the list of resolutions in
API doc of DateField
an on-line example

Notice that even if the date field shows only the date part, also the time is set, to the current time.

I have such a problem that for example here also http://demo.vaadin.com/sampler/#DatePopup, if you give for example letters, the exception raises.

You can override the handleUnparsableDateString method of DateField to handle unparseable Strings.