POJO Container


Is anybody using POJO Container (http://vaadin.com/directory#addon/pojo-container) with Vaadin 6.6.0?


Also BeanContainer/BeanItemContainer support nested container properties in Vaadin 6.6, so probably you can switch to them.

Thank you, Henri

It works well. The differences I have found are that BeanItemContainer does not catch NullPointerExceptions and that it accesses all fields, not just the visible columns. This triggers lazy loading, but I have found a workaround for me.


In what situation does it access all fields? You can also use AbstractBeanContainer.removeContainerProperty() if you know some bean properties you never want to expose through the container.

For the intermediate properties in the chain of a nested container property, the javadoc of addNestedContainerProperty() does state they should not be null. We could consider adding an option (extra boolean parameter to addNestedContainerProperty(), NestedPropertyDescriptor and NestedMethodProperty) to return null if any of the intermediate properties is null - if you feel this would be needed, please
create an enhancement request
about this.