Plugin 'com.vaadinvaadin-maven-plugin23.2.9' not found

I’m having an error from the pom.xml file in Intellij saying that the plugin mentioned in the title cannot be found. I generated the project here!type=maven-project&language=java&platformVersion=2.7.6&packaging=jar&jvmVersion=19&groupId=com.example&artifactId=demo&name=demo&description=Demo%20project%20for%20Spring%20Boot&packageName=com.example.demo&dependencies=devtools,lombok,security,vaadin,data-jpa,postgresql

The part of the pom file which is getting the error is

                    <version>${vaadin.version}</version> <!-- here -->
I am not sure why this error is occurring. Does anyone know about this?

I assume that this is just an IntelliJ error. Can you run the app?

I had that error too, but it affected nothing so I just removed it

What did you remove?

The plugin is used for the production build. You cannot remove it!

For now development seems okay. I commented out the line marked with here like what I assume @nourishing-elephant did

The project was able to run normally without any code added to it

but now I’m going ahead and adding some views and a postgresql connection - we’ll see what happens next

As I said this is only an IntelliJ issue! Don’t remove the version

oh right I see