pixel window

hi all,

Im using vaadin last 2 months , i have some doubt on , how to create pixel screen window , I meant a window that contain dot dot like pixel (eg. In Visual Basic design page ( form )) window and i want to emped image that should be resize , I can drag and drop anywhere on window and i want to edit its properties so that effect will take immediatly on that images in pixel screen window…
I dont know which concept to use so that i can acheive this,Can anyone having idea… any suggestions,ideas most welcome,.,

R Prabu

The drag-and-drop area should probably be an AbsoluteLayout. If you want a “design grid” for it, define the grid in CSS using a background image and repeat-x and repeat-y properties.

This way, you can have a relative size for the AbsoluteLayout and the grid will be shown properly whatever size it is.