Pivottable using Vaadin 8

I want to generate a pivotable from POJO objects. Is this possible by using of pivottable.js
Examples are welcome.

In theory yes. There exists even add-on project for Vaadin 7. See: https://vaadin.com/directory/component/pivottable It is straightforward JavaScript component implementation, which should be easy to adopt to Vaadin 8, since it does not use Container as data model. Instead it seems to eat CSV. (You need to then convert your POJO list to CSV) So you if you use that as a baseline, it could help you to progress. Note, this implementation does not have lazy loading support for large datasets.


I’m looking for a pivottable ui component for Vaadin 8 that can be formatted using JSON or POJO objects, but no CSV.

All suggestions and examples are welcome…

Thanks in advance,