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Hi everyone!

I`m developing some web application which needs to run under internet explorer 7. I want to add some css3 syle stuff like roundings and gradient. I searched a little and finally found some great soluton. The PIE can do some of thoose.
PIE link
I tried to use the .htc file. I put into the themes folder, and added a behavior: url(“PIE.htc”); line in to css class in which i want to use. The problem is, its not working in ie7. When i look into css under ie7, i cant se my border-radius: …; line. Its not in there. How can i solve that problem? Is vaadin cause that problem?



Based on how I read this:

You put the PIE.htc file inside of themes? (WebContent/VAADIN/themes/PIE.htc)

I’m assuming the line
behavior: url(“PIE.htc”);
is inside of WebContent/VAADIN/themes//styles.css

Not sure if that’s the case but if it is you’ll need t move PIE.htc into dir or
behavior: url(“…/PIE.htc”);