Personal Cloud Powered By Vaadin

The Nimbus Personal Cloud has just been released - I am very excited to share it with the Vaadin community!

Nimbus lets you store, share and stream your files anywhere and is designed to run on nothing but an external hard drive and Raspberry Pi. If you’re interested, head over to
, check out the demo, and set up your own personal cloud if you have a spare RPi laying around.

My thanks go out to Vaadin for their terrific product and this community for their help over the past months :slight_smile:

Nice, Bryson Thanks for sharing

By the way, I can’t wait to switch to the Valo theme!! I expect to see some serious performance increases running this on a platform with limited resources.


Do you made any tests with an other ARM linux basesd device? e.g CubieTruck. My Java tests with the Raspberry PI were in my point of view disappointing. The device has too little memory for server applications. For an project of us we used CubieTruck instead. Works fine.

Hey Peter - I haven’t had a chance to yet. So far the limiting factor has really been the CPU - Nimbus only consumes about 30% of available memory but can sometimes use 95%+ of CPU.

A preview of the new and improved look & feel thanks to Valo!

The new theme is out now! Couldn’t be happier with Valo - great job