Periodic refresh of components

I’ve got a component “XXX” which reads remote data (displyed in a grid) using REST.
Let’s assume this is kind of status information on some random jobs I want to display to a user.

What would be the best way to refresh the “XXX” component on a recurring basis - e.g. every 10 seconds…

Does anyone have a solution for this(I can’t find any in the vaadin docs. One could use the UI poll interval and implement some custom solution to refresh any views in question…but I’d expect the framework to provide some pre-defined means of accomplishing the refresh)?

Thx a lot in advance,

Yes there are tools for this. I would recommend to use background thread and update the UI using Push. See more in our docs

Why not myUI.setPollInterval?

Polling works too, but it creates more network traffic than Push does.

Do we need to use @Push? Does @Push work with @Route? What push mode do we use?