Path chooser and Fliechooser in vaadin


   In my Vaadin project , i need a Path chooser ( Directory chooser only) and Filechooser with path name ( Not a File upload component ) . 
   I used the Upload component but it doesn't  give the filename with path. Why there is no filechooser component and Path chooser component.
   I need this componets in my Project.  Please give some solution.

Thank you sir.

There is no client-side file chooser/directory chooser in Vaadin simply because browsers do not allow local file system access.

It might be possible with Flash, I guess.

Essentially, though, there is no cross platform, cross browser method of retrieving the full path to a file or directory on the computer that is running the browser.


No FileChooser components exist, but if you wan’t to select a file on the server (not the client, as Charles mentioned), you can build your own quite easily with e.g. FileSystemContainer.