PasswordField not working


for some days now im trying to add a vaadin PasswordField to my project , it dont seem to work thou … when i implement it to my class like this :

PassowrdField pass = new PasswordField("password");

this is what i see on my page :

Im looking for the solution for 2 days now cant find anything its kinda weird that its not working because the PasswordField is not an addon ;/ i tryed Compiling the widget set ,like in the addon instruction page shown , i get the message thats the compilation was successfull but nothing happens to the passwordfield i still get the same message…

I suppose the “PassowrdField” is just a typo in your message, otherwise you would have trouble compiling it…

Perhaps you should indicate which version of Vaadin you use. With 6.6.6, I just added a PasswordField to a form and I was able to see it.
Maybe clearing the cache of your browser (and testing on another browser) can help?

im useing Vaadin 6.6.6 , i have cleared the cashe and tryed on Opera FireFox and IE , same thing :confused: . I have Liferay installed on my eclipse maybe it has something to do with this ?

If you are running your application as a portlet on Liferay, you need to compile a shared widgetset on Liferay - the Eclipse “compile widgetset” only compiles one into the project and not for the portal.

The easiest way to do this is to use the
Vaadin Control Panel for Liferay

Thats what i needed , works great