PasswordField - can't get rid of the '*' character??

This appears to be new in 7.2.6 - at least I don’t remember seeing anything like it before…

I have a login page that contains a TextField for the user name and a PasswordField for the password. When it is displayed, it shows a large asterisk (*) character at the far right side of the password field text area. When I type a password into the field, it (correctly) displays dots as I type. But when I hit enter, the asterisk does not disappear. It seems to remain on the screen, even when I switch to different pages in my application. I see the same thing in a different program which does not have an initial login screen - but it has a popup window with a password field that can be invoked once the program is run - and it brings up the asterisk and then leaves it on the screen when the popup window disappears.

Is this a known problem? Anyone else seen this? Any idea how I can get rid of it??



Is it possible that you mean the * which is displayed when you use setRequired(true). This * normally is displayed to the left of the caption of the field if it has one. It also doesn’t get automatically removed when you enter data.

I set a caption (“Password”) on the field, but I don’t do a setRequired - is that true by default?? And this is definitely showing up INSIDE the text area, not near the caption.

If it is a result of the setRequired parameter - how do I get it to go away? It stayed on the main screen even after I removed a popup window that had the password field in it…


Ok - you were correct - I added a ‘setRequired(false)’ statement on the password field and the asterisk disappeared.

So it looks like the default is true…

A couple of questions:

  1. Why doesn’t it go away when I change pages or close the popup window containing the field?
  2. Why is it showing up inside the text area and not near the caption?
  3. It is large and grey - is there some default CSS definition that it is using? Where do I find that?

thanks - at least I can get rid of it for now…


Well, this doesn’t look like a Vaadin problem.

It appears that it has something to do with the settings in Firefox. We’ve had some Firefox issues here the past couple of weeks related to security - and at the moment, if I connect to my program from Firefox on my Mac, it shows the asterisk, but if I connect to the same program from Firefox on another machine, it doesn’t… No idea why, or what settings are involved at the moment, but something strange is going on with the browser…

If anyone has any insights on this, I’d love to hear them - otherwise, consider this a non-issue going forward