Pass URL parameters from another application

I have an Spring application and Vaadin application. Now i would like to show the Vaadin application inside this Spring app and to do that i am using iframe, which is just working fine. Now the issue is, I need to pass some parameters in URL and if I do so, the URL is not loading in iframe and nor I got the values in Vaadin side.

I tried with VaadinRequest, VaadinServletRequest and even HttpServletRequest. But none of this worked out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The client-side :

$("#iframe-universal-search").attr("src", "http://localhost:8080/SpringVaadin/v/#!TransactionDetails");

Vaadin app :

public class BOTransactionDetails extends Panel implements View {
String agentCode = null;
    public void init(VaadinServletRequest req){
        agentCode = req.getHttpServletRequest.getParameter("agentCode");