Partial Table Refresh On New Row Addition

I created an editable table that also allows users to add new rows to table to add new entries and then lateron save that information. However while debugging the UIDL json response, on new row addition, i found that UIDL contains json string for all rows (existing and newly added). This may work for table with few rows but in case of a table with hundreds of rows, adding new row would return a large UIDL each time instead of UIDL for just the row added which is bad from application performance perspective.

Is there a way to restrict the UIDL to have just the infomration of row added and not the complete table?

I am struggling with the same problem… any hints?

Only the data for rows that are visible or in the client scroll buffer around the visible area are sent - not the whole underlying container contents. Still, in many cases this is more than what is necessary. You can reduce the amount of data sent somewhat by reducing the scroll buffer size (Table.setCacheRate()).

A rewrite of the Table component has been proposed for Vaadin 7.1. When we do the rewrite, this issue will be taken into account.