@param service while binding spring with vaadin

Hi Guys,

i am runnin Vaadin without issues but Intellij is underlying for me @param service.

Why ? What is wrong?

Do the MainView constructor take a service parameter?

If you hold the mouse over the error IDEA will tell you the cause of the error

MainView is not taking anything unfortunately


in idea i have:

Simply remove the param, if the constructor does not take it

BTW, this is a javadoc issue and will not prevent the application to work

thank you

hmm but it has connection with spring “The message service. Automatically injected Spring managed
* bean.”

i think it can be important :stuck_out_tongue:

ok but let me do it

The constructor does not take any parameter as you said. So you are not going to use a service in your code

ok thank you once again @versatile-zorse