Paragraphs of text displayed

What’s the best way to add paragraph(s) of explanatory text on the screen for the user to read? So read-only, not for user-input.

Preferably allowing formatting, such as bold & italic & color.

Seems Label is intended only for single lines of text.

At first I thought
is the way to go.
• Pass True to “setReadOnly()”.
• Use some CSS to make the border disappear.

But in looking at the
TextArea Sampler
, it looks like what I want is shown on the right side of the example. There a Label is used in XHTML mode to show paragraphs by calling setContentMode(Label.CONTENT_XHTML). I’m confused because the
Label doc
says it is for showing “short texts”.

By the way, what defines and controls paragraph delimiter (carriage return, linefeed, CRLF, PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR U+2029, etc.) in a TextArea?

–Basil Bourque