Panel with a Tree scrolls to top always in IE

We are using 6.8.11 in liferay 5.2.3 and we have several issues with the tree scroll and several in IE. The major show stopper now is the scenario below.

We have 2 portlets in a page. In one portlet there is a Tree in Panel which supports scrollbar. The other portlet shows a tabsheet (which has tables again in the tabs)based on the selection of the tree node in the first portlet.(liferay IPC)

The issue in IE(10, 9, 8) specifically is when ever we go to bottom of tree and select a node, the second portlet refreshes but the tree scroll position in the first portlet always goes to top. This literally makes this un-unsable.

The second issue is when ever we change the tab in the second portlet tabsheet, the tree always scroll again goes to top. This is again happening only on IE.

Any help or pointers or workaround would be of great help.