Panel setScrollable(false)

By chance anyone knows why setting the setScrollable to false does not work for Panels?
I have a panel with a tree on it, and I would like to Panel to extend and not provide a scroll (theoretically I would like the browser scrollbar to be activated)
In another case, I am just placing a label within a Panel (height 40px) and it goes scrolling even setScrollable is set to false

try not setting height for the panel

My understanding is that the method isn’t doing what you’d expect due to historical reasons. Panel’s have always been scrollable, even if the flag would be set to false.

Do disable scrolling, the Panel’s height needs to be undefined. Then it will just grow with its content.

Trying that one. I have a tree within the Panel. The tree should be 100% and I cannot some elements in a tree.

Thank you for the reply!
At the moment it is not growing once there are Trees within it. Any suggestions?

Most likely the Tree of the root layout for the Panel is 100% high.