Paged table adjustments


we have used
add-on in our project and I have found few things that were annoying me. So I have forked the project on github and did few changed. Maybe you will needed it too. Therefore I wrote this post.

It is accesible from here (also usage example and Maven dependencies are there):

What I have done…

  1. I have converted the project from IDE setup to Maven. There are no jar files now. Just dependencies to Maven.
  2. I needed to configure controls. So I have extracted controls to separate class and I have made buttons and check-box visible. Now people can take these components and set there whatever captions.
  3. Also Example application has been changed, so it works without problems after my updates. I needed to update styles.css because of different approach to themes/css in beta 10.
  4. PagedTable was calling getItemIds too many times. I have fixed that (because it is causing performance problems when you load items from database lazily)