Page Flow

I am a newbie to vaadin and I like it so far. I am trying to put a first simple webapp together with some features to see how the framwork works. Now I have a problem which I can’t find really in the tutorial or in the forum. How to handle simple page flow? Not really pages but I have a header with a menubar. When the user hit a menuitem I would like to open some form/panel/what ever down under the menubar which I called it workspace. So, how to create dynamically some GUI depending on the selection of menuitem? I tried some panels and vertical layout but couldnt come to a nice solution. I am sure there must be some easy going way… Is there maybe a sample with menubars around?

I know about the replaceComponent method but how I can get the component to replace, i.e. I have a panel added to the main window and now I wish to replace this panel with another one.

Thx for Help,

Take a look at the Navigator7 add-on ( I think this is what you are looking for (with a lot of extra features also).

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Jan De Beule