Page doesn't respond with Spring Cloud Gateway.

Hello, I am actually design microservice as a resource and integrate my app Vaadin 23 + Spring Boot with Keycloak and API Gateway. Everything works fine except views, f,e i @PageTitle("ReadingApp") @Route(value = "hello", layout = MainLayout.class) public class ReadingAppView extends HorizontalLayout { could be achieved from localhost:8100/hello but localhost:8089/my-app/hello doesn’t work. Any hints?

Did you configure spring boot appropriate? Does it know about the /my-app path?

Yes, for the testing purpopses I created sample rest controller also in Vaadin app. It’s working fine

    public DocumentReadQueryHandler.Result readDocument(@PathVariable String tnRef) {
        return "hello from gateway");
    } ```



but above view is not responding

Eureka also recognize my-app as a service

so i think its not a problem with it

If you have context-path configured to be matching with the configuration of your eureka it should work, doing that for years


Why are you deploying a development mode to the production?


Production on localhost? does it matter?

Are you on 23.1.x? or already on 23.2?


@quintessential-ibex ping - this thread could be interesting


Here’s my Eureka

I remember a issue with vite in development mode with custom context but that should have been fixed by 23.2