package Localization files ?

Hey, we have a mvn package with some utilities that we use in our flow Apps. Is it possible to package localization files (e.g resources/, resources/ ?
So my App has the package as a dependency and the I18NProvider of the App can pick them up . Also the App can have its own translation files which should be merges with the provides ones. Is this somehow possible ?

It’s possible, but you probably have to create your own merge Logic on top of the ResourceBundle loading

do you know how i can read the ResourceBundle from a dependency ?
Currently my I18NProvider is loading the bundle as following:

   private Map<String, ResourceBundle> localeMap;

   private void initMap() {
      localeMap = new HashMap<>();

      // Read translations file for each locale
      for (final Locale locale : getProvidedLocales()) {
         final ResourceBundle resourceBundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle("translations", locale);
         localeMap.put(locale.getLanguage(), resourceBundle);

ResourceBundle doesn’t really know about the idea of dependencies, everything is a class path resource, you just need to reference it’s name

Ok Thanks I`ll try

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