Overlap - Covered element

Hi guys!
I’ve a mainTab that extends CustomComponent. I add 3 elements on it by a GridLayout(3,2). Such that:

	quad.setComponentAlignment(panel, Alignment.TOP_CENTER);
	quad.setComponentAlignment(table, Alignment.TOP_RIGHT);		
	quad.setComponentAlignment(filter, Alignment.TOP_RIGHT);
	//size of row 1:13
	quad.setRowExpandRatio(0, 1);
	quad.setRowExpandRatio(1, 13);
	//add to grid (column,row)
	quad.addComponent(filter, 2, 0);
	quad.addComponent(panel, 0, 1);
	quad.addComponent(table, 1, 1, 2, 1);


But I got a problem… If I resize my browser window my table overlap the filter… why?
How can I make that elements cannot overlap another one?

Maybe this is a computation problem with your ratio 1:13.
Try quad.setSpacing(true) and look if the overla
problem still occurs.

Hi Sascha,

I tryed but it doesn’t work…
I remove

quad.setRowExpandRatio(0, 1);
quad.setRowExpandRatio(1, 13);

but , obviously, it just separates the elements.

don’t avoid overlap. :S

Thanks, anyway!

I will try to draw what you wrote:

[font=Courier New]

row/col | 0 | 1 | 2 |
| | | filter|
0 | | | |
| | | |
| | table|
1 | panel | |
| | |


May be there is a problem with the Alignment.TOP_RIGHT.

I assume you have a percentage width in the GridLayout. That means that when using expand ratios, if the component doesn’t fit inside its layout cell, it will get clipped (or at least it should), and no overlapping should occur.

Can you post a screenshot, that would help understand the problem better.

I’ve set width as setSizeFull: myTable, myFilter and the GrigLayout.
Each component is fitting her cell/space, isn’t? (also GridLayout in main VerticalLayout)

Here is the screenshot,