Outof Sync problem while i click on Select box

I am using Select box of Vaadin. But when i select the value of Select box using the keyboard and press the ENTER button. “Outof sync” error comes.

and i am getting “Warning: Ignoring variable change for non-existent component, VAR_PID=PID0” warning at the back end.

Please give some guidelines.


I can’t reproduce the test case in the Vaadin sampler. Can you create a minimized test case that shows this same behavior?

Hi, yours report resembles another issue i have experienced recently.

By chance, don’t you have action handler in your app registered for listening ENTER key events?

For reference, this is how ComboBox goes out of sync in my environment:

  1. Create (modal) pop-up window that has ComboBox on it.
  2. Make the pop-up window to listen for ESC key event (Window Action handler for ShortcutAction.KeyCode.ESCAPE). Invoke Window.close() programatically on ESC key event.
  3. Move focus to ComboBox, open drop-down list, be ready to make choice.
  4. Press ESC ==> pop-up window closes and disappears, but expanded drop-down portion of child ComboBox stays displayed and alive. Oops! :V
  5. Click on ComboBox item => bang, out of sync situation occures.

Vaadin devs, is this more like a bug or expected behavior? Vaadin 6.4.8 here.

I have a similar problem, with Action handler and the close() functionality. It runs out of sync in Firefox. Look at
this posting
. I tested the behavior described by Tomas Vala with Version 6.5.2 and this Bug still exists!

Is there a bug or ticket reported?