Out Sync. Problem

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I’m using vaadin from last 8 months. i had a problem on my application.
My Scenario is that i have been developing application using vaadin that has often refreshing part. So i used Refresher poller component for that need.
Problem is that if i open this application(Browser) in different browser tab , it shows out of sync. in previous opened tab. or even if i open this application in other browser while its run in chrome it shows out of sync. Whats the mistake i done?, Anything i want to take care?. any help will be appreciate more.

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Starting the application especially in the different browser would mean just another instance and should cause no problems. Unless you do not explicitly kill the existing application instances or use some static objects improperly. I guess the second case my be relevant to your problem.

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I think your problem is the one described in the
book of vaadin

Default vaadin setup does not support multi tabs in order for this to work, you need to serve different windows to different tabs see Chapter 11.2.2

As you said i removed static instances in my app. but same problem coming.

Ya. As you said i concentrate book of vaadin 11.2.2 , they mentioned that for multiple windows we need to open our project we need to create window object newly. but its not that much clear. actually what i want to do exactly so that i can achieve meant app will run on multiple tabs or different browser at same time.

Please help me out this.

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Maybe this wiki page helps you:

Take a look at the navigator or navigator7 addons which help you develop multi-tab/window applications.

Hi all,

After lots search i got the solution for multiple windows for same application. its working awesomely in both multiple tabs , as well multiple browser same time.

Thank you all for your valued suggestions.