Out of Sync on IE for Table/Overlay


I’ve been working on a (server side) Custom Control that will allow the user to do a progressive search with a pop-up view that contains the table with the results. The idea is that if the user know the reference, they can type it in, otherwise they can enter part of the name and select their intended result.

I am using the CustomField and Overlay add-ons to build this, and it works splendidly well on Chrome and Firefox. It’s less happy on IE - when the user types and then scrolls the reults table, the results table will often (but not always) jump to the top-left of the browser, the server side will log a

“WARNING: Warning: Ignoring variable change for non-existent component, VAR_PID=PID50”
error message , and then an “out of sync” message will appear on the browser.

As you can imagine, it’s quite tricky to come up with a small test case for reproduction. Has anyone got any ideas for where to start looking? My gut feeling is that it is timing related, what with the problem not being consistent and with IE being significantly slower .

Here’s a couple of MP4s, first showing it working, then showing it failing on IE.



FWIW, Vaadin 6.6.1, and IE8.




since your problem contains “out of sync”, the Table and IE, I’d say it’s most likely
this bug
. There is also a near-duplicate for it
. Unfortunately I can’t tell you when this will be fixed, but the workaround is not too much work (although requires you to create a copy-paste implementation of VScrollTable). The workaround is described in the first linked ticket.

Of course you might want to try your app on IE7 and IE9 also, since the Table’s out-of-sync bug happens in those also.



Thanks very much; I’ll try out the workaround later on…