"Out of sync" error

Hello vaadiners,

I have a user preferences/settings page with some textfields to display/change users email address and password for example

And I always got this Out of sync error when I FIRST press enter on/in an active textbox, and I also get

“Warning: Ignoring variable change for non-existent component, VAR_PID=PID0”

error message in console

What does this error message mean and how to debug/get rid of this error?

My other question is that how can the ValueChangeEvent be fired when I press enter on/in the active textfield (so not just only when the textfield losts focus)

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

Which Vaadin version are you using?

The out of sync is strange - you should probably first check your listener registrations and if any exceptions are thrown by your server side code. Also, are you possibly modifying the application in a background thread?
After resolving this issue, you could see if the warning goes away.

This could also happen if you e.g. have the application open on multiple browser tabs and are not handling Vaadin windows correctly - could this be the case? Have you overridden Application.getWindow(), and how? You can search for some examples on the forum.

If I remember correctly, pressing enter in an immediate single-line text field should cause the value change event to be sent to the server. You can check if it is with the ?debug URL parameter, seeing if there is a request to the server when you press enter.


I am getting the Out of Sync error in my app. I have defined a button but not registered an event for it. Still, when i click it 2 times or more, i get this out of sync error. I am not even running the app in multiple tabs of the browser
I am using Vaadin 6.4.4 version

Please let me know the possible caused for it.


Look’s strange to me…

When you do a reload (F5) when this happened, is the screen redisplayed correctly ?

BTW: You don’t change components on server side in separate threads ?


Hi Andre,

Now, i dont see the error. I was setting up setnullselection to false in the combo box initailization. I just removed that part and now i dont see the error. I am not sure about the exact reason for this behavior I am still researching on why is it so.