Other communication problem


I’m using Vaadin (6.4.9) portlets with Liferay (5.2.3). When I have a page with some portlets and my net connection is slow, the page take some time to load. If I click over a Vaadin link meanwhile page is loading, sometimes I got a "
Communication problem

The issue happens in our production environment. Locally, in developer environments, I only could reproduce it using a slow net connection.

I looked for information about “Communication problem” and read some forums, tickets, etc. about it, but there’s no one that really helps me. So I decided to open another thread in forum instead of use a previous one.

In particular, I found a Vaadin bug (
ticket 4200
) that mention a "
Communication problem
" issue when Esc key is pressed meanwhile page is loading. I could reproduce it with Firefox and Chrome.

I was wondering if its the same problem I have? client AJAX requests canceled?.
If there’s a solution or workaround for it?
Any help is welcome.


Anybody could help me?