OSGI and Tomcat problem

Hi all,

I read through all the threads concerning vaadin and osgi, but still have one problem.

I made some bundles as described in
Kai Toedters Blog

Everything is up and running fine in eclipse using Jetty.

Now I try to deploy it to Tomcat (7), using the ServletBridge.
All bundles at the OSGI console are ACTIVE or RESOLVED and there is no error message in the logs.

Using the same URL which works fine in eclipse leads to the following error:

The requested resource (BridgeServlet: /axionweb) is not available.

It looks like the
is not configured.

I’ve read in many threads for Felix and Glassfish, where the component.name is configured using annotations
@Component(factory = “com.vaadin.Application/axionweb”)
How must this be done for Tomcat?

Any help or hint is greatly appreciated,

Nobody any idea?

i has a problem in here to,have you got the answer?