OrientDB Vaadin Ltd work

Some time ago, a Vaadin LTD employer were working on on how to use OrientDB with Vaadin as exposed here

Is Vaadin LTD still interested into making OrientDB work with Vaadin ?
OrientDB is a must but has still lack of documentation for beginners.
Beginers love documentation as we can find for Vaadin itself on the related website.

So they also love when they see documentation for Neo4j and Vaadin beginning with


Is it the kind of work we could see in the Vaadin documentation regarding OrientDB ?


Hello Kynao,

I experimented and debugged OrientDB quite a lot as I am very interested on NoSQL solutions. I also love the concept of transparent (or simpler than JPA) persistency and feel that such solutions should be considered for certain customer cases. Still, technologies such as JPA are the industry standard and well proven, even though they tend to bring vast complexity to larger projects and they are profoundly broken by design when used with Object Oriented languages such as Java. Of course an talented team can do wonders even with Hibernate (or EclipseLink) :slight_smile:

OrientDB was still quite experimental a year ago, I reported multiple critical issues with it but it was nice to see Luca fixing every major bug I had in no time! I hope you guys have pushed the quality of OrientDB way ahead since that time. Sadly I do not just now have the time for this particular technology but if you got any questions relating NoSQL solutions and Vaadin, make sure you contact me so we can share and I can provide few extreme tips for you.

Last I would like to say that Vaadin is about UI, Vaadin inflicts little or no constraints for the persistence implementation. If you know how to use e.g. Neo4J with Vaadin, then you can do it with OriendDB too…

Happy NoSQLing,


Hi Jani,

Interesting experience and opinion report you have on this subject and nice invitation for sharing things, thanks you !
Yes, Luca involvement is pretty amazing, making OrientDB an oss which growed well and is now more and more promising.

My main concern about it is the lack of enough java developer documentation which would allow beginners to start interesting things and even quicky access the level to write some tutorials … but Luca is of course too busy to consider this (at this time i hope).
Right now, i only contribute by taking Luca’s italian guides and making them available online in english :slight_smile: (available
by the way). So you understand i would like to go a little deeper in this documentation / tutorials approach by also adding Vaadin and Bonita (a good bpm you surely know).

Around the NoSQL experience you had, what were your vision of OrientDB pro and cons at this time ? (on whatever level you can / want express your opinion and appreciation).
Wishing you to be released soon and so recover spare time to see you back on this subject :slight_smile:

Hi collegues!

I think that support of project Hibernate OGM is more useful. HIbernate OGM is JPA for NoSQL datastores.
See http://hibernate.org/ogm/