Optimizing the Widgetset in Vaadin 7.0.5

Hey Vaadin developers,

I recently tried to optimize my Widgetset using this tutorial ( https://vaadin.com/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Optimizing%20the%20Widget%20Set ) but i seem to be missing the ConnectorBundleLoaderFactory Class in the Vaadin versions I use (7.0.5, 7.1.0beta1).

Also in the newer one i’m also missing the com.google.gwt.dev.javac.typemodel.JClassType Class.

Which classes should be used now? Is the way described in the tutorial still valid or wis it deprecated?


The tutorial is still up to date. The classes you mention should be in vaadin-client-compiler.jar.

If you have used e.g. the Maven archetype for setting up your project, vaadin-client-compiler is probably not on your main classpath. See
for more information about that issue.

If you are managing your dependencies in some other way, just make sure you have the appropriate version of vaadin-client-compiler.jar on the classpath. Please note that the jar is not intended to be deployed to the server, it is only needed when compiling.

I will update the tutorial to mention that vaadin-client-compiler.jar is needed.

Thank you. That solved my problem.

I already found this ticket when searching for the issue in my project but when i then looked through my Maven dependencies i got vaadin-client-compiled confused with vaadin-client-compiler so i thought that i had it already.

Also it’s a good idea to write this in the tutorial just to make sure no more forum posts like this one pops up in the future :slight_smile: