Optimise or reduce WebApplicationContext size (exceeding 1MB)

Hi All,
I am buiding an application using vaadin and app engine as host.
I am noticing that when vaadin is trying to serialize WebApplicationContext, the latter may exceed the 1MB size limit in memcache.

I would like to know how to optimise/reduce/avoid this.
How can I find what is taking so much space in the object?
All libraries that I use are open source. (and tiny)

A libarry can be very small, but when you allocate it multiple times or/and
with large objects, then this least to large serialized states.

Your best effort might be to try to identify what is all found in the
serialized state and then you can look why these objects are still “alive”

If they are not important you could then mark them as transient
and rebuild them when the state is reloaded.
Or you might provide your own serializer/deserializer to control
what is stored and what not.


Thanks. I will look into that.
when i mentioned that they are tiny, i meant that it would be possible for me to analyse everything being created.
I just needed some guidance to find out where to start looking.