Opera 12.10 Shift select table grid - bug?


I have a Vaadin application that has a table/grid component that is selectable. I am normally able to hold Shift and click several cells up or down and the in-between rows will be selected. I just noticed this is no longer working in Opera 12.10. But in Opera 12.02 and any other browser I try it works. Before filing a bug on this, I wanted to see if someone else could confirm this issue…can anyone confirm?

Hi, the same happens on Opera version 12.11.

Another issue is: when u press the row in table without holding ctrl, next pressed rows are selected like u are holding ctrl button. It should deselect all rows and select just last pressed row.

Is it the issue of vaadin or opera ?


For this second issue: is it really an Opera specific issue or is it possible that your table is in the other selection mode (simple click on item toggles its selection, not deselecting other items)?

If there is an Opera specific issue, please
create a ticket
- whether the problem is in Vaadin or in Opera, we might need to take a look at it. A small code sample reproducing the problem in the ticket would be helpful.

I’m pretty sure this is an Opera issue, but I filed a Vaadin ticket anyway: