Opensource shopping cart projects

Hi All,

Is there any opensource shopping cart project developed in vaadin. Can anybody help me to find it out.

If you found mongodb as database and java & vaadin used as backend and frontend it will be very useful for me.


This is a small project I made a year ago or so. It is no-where near done, as it only contains the consumer frontend and no UI for the administrative parts -

Thanks. I tried that project, but they have removed some widget codes are missing in svn.


org.vaadin.simpleshop.widgetset - this whole package is missing there.

The project is a bit messy at the moment, so there are a couple of things you can try, first try recompiling the widgetset, otherwise, try taking a checkout of an
older version
which should work better (I think it still does require you to recompile the widgetset).