Opening one "vaadin-servlet" from another "vaadin-servlet"

I have a vaadin application which contains two different applications mapped as servlet. Simply spoken, I have the main application mapped under the URL myApplication/view and now I created an admin application under the URL myApplication/kis.

Therefor I have two classes which extends Application and implements ApplicationContext.TransactionListener. I mapped both application as two servlets in the web.xml. Both uses the same database for authentication.

Now I want to develope a possibility where I can load the main application form the kis application without the need that the user must autenticates itselfs again. I do not know much about the session and cookie management of vaadin therefore I need your help how to realize that.

Thank you for your help,

Multiple Vaadin applications in the same WAR normally share the session, so you could explicitly store the authentication info in the session (see Application.getContext() and e.g. ApplicationContext.getHttpSession()) or access it from the other application (see ApplicationContext.getApplications()).