Open UI in new tab


In my application I want to open several tabs to perform non-direct related different tasks.
I open my new tab doing so:

BrowserWindowOpener opener = new BrowserWindowOpener(ProgramUI.class); opener.extend(startProgram); In the init method of ProgramUI I attach all the components and so. The problem is that this UI seems to be detached or something, because no action gives a response. If I refresh the page goes blank (I use @PreserveOnRefresh).

This is the error I get:

AM com.vaadin.server.communication.ServerRpcHandler handleInvocations WARNING: Ignoring RPC call for disabled connector server.servlet.gui.WebMenuBar Thanks for help

What does normally cause that error message? Where should I be checking?

Hi. The error is caused when the server side framework receives communication from a client connector which is in disabled state (WebMenuBar). Probably related to your problem, but most likely not the root cause. Do you see any client side exceptions in the debug console when you open the new UI with the
parameter ?

Hi! Sorry for my late answer. I got a break with this project.
I don’t get any error with the debug parameter, that’s strange.

I’ve tried to open another type of IU class and it works well, so I think there is something wrong in the way I’m adding the components to this one. Do I need a View for it to work properly? Because I don’t need navigation and I added the components directly in the UI, could this be a problem?

I know what the problem is.
The button startProgram launches the new tab in the main thread, but then the new UI starts a new thread, which is the one that adds all the components