Open Session in View paradigm

Hey all,

I’ve been struggling for quite some time now with the session management of Vaadin in combination with Hibernate.

I seem to be having the problems described in
this article
, which basically means that after i retrieve some interesting classes from the database, the vaadin transaction ends, closing my hibernate session as well (as described in the
using hibernate with vaadin
article), leading to LazyInitializationException’s.

Using the HbnContainer or LazyQueryContainer can’t solve my problem (I think) as one of the properties I want to get from the objects from the database is a Map<String, String>, something that one of these prefab containers can’t handle.

Is there a way to implement the Open Session in View paradigm described in the first article in vaadin? Or is there some other way of handling sessions easily in Vaadin? I have very little experience with JTA or other transaction managers, but am willing to learn if they’d solve my problems.

With regards,
Peter Wagenaar