open selected tab in new (browser) tabsheet

Hi, i would like to be able to open the currently selected tab in my tabsheet in a new browser window (preferably in the same browser window, but as a new tabsheet). The most convient way for me would be to have a link, where you can rightclick and say ‘open in new tabsheet’. However, when trying this, i always get these anoying ‘out-of-sync’ messages when switching back and forth between the windows…
For me, these seperate windows (or tabs) don’t have to be synchronized. i just want to be able to open the selected tabsheet in a new window, without having to log in again (my application is with a login screen at the start)…
What would be a good way to implement this?


This is an old thread so maybe the problem was already resolved, but:

The way you would do it would be to create a new top-level Vaadin window in the application (see the
related section in the book of Vaadin
) and put the components you are interested in there. Then open that window with in a new browser window.