Only one instance

I have a application created using vaadin, a list of button A, button B, button C
each button will opened a Tab.

The problem is if I open the application in different computer. the tab that already open will not be opened again

computer 1 opened click button A . it will opened and display Tab A

computer 2 cannot opened Tab A

if computer 2 click button C, as long it is not opened in computer 1, Tab C will be opened and display

computer 1 try to click button C, it will not opened Tab C.

it seem theirs only one instance running in the server.

Sounds like you’re using some
fields to store components or their state… If so,
don’t do this
. Maybe this thread will help you:

Cheers, Maik

you are right. I set my TabSheet to static

Thanks, Junald