Online webinar - Migrating from Vaadin6 to Vaadin7

Join Peter and Ville from Vaadin on a webinar on how to migrate from Vaadin 6 to Vaadin 7. There are still thousands of applications running on Vaadin 6 today but migration to Vaadin 7 should not be that big a task.
Learn from the experts on how to get this done.


Starting Tuesday October 2nd 2014 @ 3PM CET

Post your questions and comments below.

See you all there! And post questions e.g. here if you have any. We’ll go through them during the webinar.


It seems like PortletListener and related classes have been deprecated in recent versions of Vaadin (I’ve been using 7.2.6 and 7.3.1). What are the future plans for portlet support in Vaadin? Specifically, how should Vaadin portlets implement support for various portlet modes and inter-portlet communication?

Thanks a lot and looking forward to the webinar,

Hi Tom.
The portlet mode changes were discussed earlier today in this thread!/thread/8292767

Not sure if this is a right place to ask this question but I am looking for some guidance to develop an aplcation which has a lot of modules and sub modules. I am using the blackboard as an event bus and navigator for navigating but since the number of modules are large, I am searching for some design doc or some best practises whereby they deal with a lot of components and sub components and a lot of navidation. I mean some good practises or a design document

We use editable grids (Table components) a lot. What migration advice can you give to us, regarding this? Are there any major changes in Table component that we have to be aware of?

Hi Guys

Is the sampler application’s source avaiailble in any repository
Would like to have a look at it, to get some ideas.


Hi there
I would like to hear some informations about the application lifecyle in Vaadin 7, specially how to add a replacement for the “Browser-Close-Listener” (from Vaadin 6).


Is there support for FieldFactory and automatic generetion of fields?

Hi there,

With Vaadin 7 we have Navigator. In Vaadin 6 i usually used UriFragmentUtility to provide some kind of “navigation provider” system. With Vaadin7, the UriFragmentUtility is still needed?


Cool. Thanks for the info. I enjoyed the webinar, too.