Online music Streaming with vaadin

I need to develop an application that is hosted in Google App Engine and access mysql database that is hosted in separate server which is not enable RMI or tomcat installed. Data(music files) stored in same server and for music files paths are stored in mysql database. Users can select music category and play them.

Just like -

My questions are,

  1. What technology I can use to access the mysql database?
  2. Can I upload music files to the server via client interface?

Disclaimer: I am not a GAE expert, and the last time I did something with it was a long time ago, so maybe some of this is outdated.

For the first question, the answer, unfortunately, is that
you cannot connect directly from GAE to MySQL
. You would need to provide some web service on the MySQL server or elsewhere, as GAE only allows outgoing HTTP connections, not arbitrary connections.

With the Business version of GAE, you have the option of
hosted SQL

For the upload question, GAE (IIRC) only allows the client to upload directly to the Google blob store. The (Vaadin or other) application can not directly access the blob store, but can give clients a download URL for a blob.

Given your setup and requirements, I believe GAE would not be an ideal match for your application.

It’s a really cool app that I love.