One to many relation with form and table


I have two tables in my db that are in one to many relation, incoming shipments table and incoming shipment items table.
I would like to edit new incoming shipment by having a form (field group) to enter data for the incoming shipment and items in a table. I have SqlContainers for both tables.

I would like that when I open the view for the new incoming shipment both my form and the table are empty.
Once I fill in the data abou the incoming shipment I would like to add rows for that shipment in the table.

My problem is if I set the SqlContainer for the table, it is of course displaying all rows in the items table.
If I set the filter for the foregin key field to be equal to the primary key of the incoming shipment I can’t add items to the table (tables SqlContainer). The addItem methods return null.

Is it possible that I have empty table that is bound to the SqlContainer and use it just for adding new rows to the db?

If not, what approach do you suggest in this case?

Thanks in advance!