on ComboBox force render to update every time you open the dropdown menu


I have a ComboBox where I setup a Renderer , I noted that the renderer is evaluated only the first time you open the dropdown menu of the combobox, if you open the menu again the renderer is not evaluated. So if I have some dynamic property defined in the renderer to be displayed for the objects in the combobox this doesn’t work.

Is there any way to force the update every time I open the menu?

Thanks for the help

I am using v14

I see that I can update the renderer calling refreshAll on the dataProvider that is associated to the combobox. but this is not done automatically

I am just wondering why you ever need this. But the the web component iself is firing “opened-changed” event when dropdown is opened. You can listen to this event with low layer API, say

comboBox.getElement().addEventListener(“opened-changed”, e → {
// do something