old designer concept in vaadin 8

Hi, I’m new to the forum, I hope this is in the correct section.
I’ve built my first Vaadin webapplication with the newest framework and I now need section where users can create some pages.
The Designer is exactly what I need, and I wouldn’t mind having to buy the license, but since Vaadin 6 (I think) it became an IDE plugin so it doesn’t suit my needs.
I basically need the old concept of the designer: a section IN the webapp where you can drag&drop components in order to make views/pages. So I was wandering if someone had my same necessity and ported the old concept to the new framework or knows how to get what I need without building it from scratch.



Massimiliano can you give us some more details on this product you were using? Maybe a screenshot? The notion of users and not developers drawing screens in Vaadin 6 isn’t ringing any bells