Offline mode for Vaadin Application

Hello everyone,

I have recently taken over responsibility for a web application built with Vaadin8 which is basically presenting a form to the user in which they can enter their data and submit it. The data is then sent back to the app server where it is stored in a backend DB.

Now the customer approached me with a request to implement a possibility to operate this application offline, i.e. display the form even with no connection to the server, and cache any entered data until connection is reestablished. The idea is to use it in environments (like e.g. large fairs) where internet connectivity may be bad or unreliable.

I am not really a Vaadin expert, so I’ve been digging around a bit without finding an ideal solution. I did find Vaadin Touchkit, which seems to provide an offline feature much like I would require it. However, I didn’t find anything on how to “convert” an existing application to this Touchkit type of app.

Are there any other Vaadin ways to achieve such requirements?
Any help, advice or hints on where else to look would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Hi Florian,

I answered your same question at StackOverflow: