I am a big fan of Vaading and specially it’s programming model.

But I have a little remark about client side component. It’s seem to me that palette is just not rich enough. Components are difficult to extend and reuse. Some critical aspect of comfortable user experience are buggy or not present (SuperImediateTextField,LinkButton, etc). What is plan for ui components?

I looked at ZK and JWT and both have much broader palette.

Please don’t take my observation too harsh, I really like Vaadin and just an idea of doing web in some pre-vaadin framework (ala seam) makes me nervous to say at least.
So I would really like to see vaadin prosper.


We are broadening the number of components in two ways:

  1. Adding more functionality to core components bundled into default widget set. Please add your wishes to dev.vaadin.com.

  2. Vaadin Directory will make integration and distribution of components really easy. The launch is planned to be in 6-7 weeks and we will have quite a few components at that time already in the directory (well over 50). I hope that this will create a repository for hundreds of components created by the community for the community.