Objectwriter etc. to implement a summary of data structure? Form or NOT?

Hi again!

Should I use Form or just layout and add fields from Company bean straight to the layout? I think that it is little bit silly to use Form because there is no logic at all, just view to data and save button to save everything to the db? Any ideas?

I have a 6-phase vaadin application for adding companies with products, staff etc. In last phase I just would like to show the whole object model, like:

----Staff1, staff2…

So is there some kind of ready way to do it in Java or in Vaadin, like objectwriter or objectprinter or etc.? I just want to show a summary, no logic at all and after that user press the save button and everything goes to the db. There is list, sets etc.


p.s. Maybe I just override every bean’s toString()-method and use that if there is nothing nice and beautiful?

Hi! How about using some visualization of this structure? I could imagine e.g. using the TreeTable for that purpose. Though, if your object structure is more complicated then some graph visualization (like
) could be better choice